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Mean Bad & Nasty Video

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The Rapture Video
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You Told Me That You Loved Me Video

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Dog Gone Fine

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Hurry On Home

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You Do It

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Havin' You Holdin' Me

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Sweet Thing

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  1. You Do It

  2. Rubber Neckin' Baby

  3. Mean, Bad and Nasty

  4. Havin' You Holdin' Me

  5. Told Me You Love Me

  6. Sweet Thing

  7. The Rapture

  8. Doggone Fine

  9. Hurry On Home

  10. Christmas In The Air

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Page Two - The Inventor


"3 Generations" ... a full CD including "Christmas In The Air" from Singer/Songwriter Dennis William Wilson.  Listen and purchase on this homepage.

  3 Generations
New Songs from Dennis William Wilson

About The Front Cover

Presidential historians say that Hayes was most beloved and an honest man, a gentleman of politics. He serves his party best, who serves his country best, who serves the people best. He helped poor and working class Americans. He wanted more Americans to enjoy the Nation's good fortune. Americans respected his leadership. Hayes told the public he had no fondness for political life. He couldn't stand greed or corruption. He stood for, and fought for, We the People. When have we had the last!

William Wilson
Third Generation Grandson

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I've been playing the guitar and writing music most all of my life (Singer/Songwriter). In March of 2003 I started playing the piano. It opened up a whole new world of music for me. I received a letter from Mr. Hartman from Hilltop Records in Hollywood telling me that he thought I was a very good songwriter but since the music industry is so hard to get into he thought Christmas music would be a good way to get my foot in the door. (So be it.)
I started writing "Christmas In The Air" May 2005 and had it , in what I say, commercially ready in August. I went to a recording studio and with the help of Dave Croston (Engineer) and backup vocals Gaye Winsor, we ended up with, what I say, a HIT!  Then I brought it to Dean Hart of Alpha Audio Group Designer and off we went!
All of my working life I have been a Heavy Equipment Mechanic and Welder with music as my hobby and best friend! I have written a lot of music in different musical styles, some old fashioned, some before its time, country, pop, rock and yes, love songs, slow and fast.
I look forward to playing music. It gets me through every day and I perform live professionally.
If the song, "Christmas In The Air", takes off, you will be hearing more from me in the up and coming years.
For all you Believers....God Bless! Hope to be hearing from you, I need your support.
Thank you,

Dennis William Wilson

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