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We have a 'state of the art' vacuum system having 12 different probes that will fit down the dipstick tubes. One for most any car,  truck or equipment. We then vacuum the oil out which goes to a 'waste oil tank', never spilling a drop of oil. We change your oil with CHEVRON oil, new filter, and lube the front end of your vehicle. All fluids are inspected including radiator, battery, charging system, power steering, check brakes, tire pressure and then do a diagnostic scan to let you know if your vehicle needs any mechanical work. Note: we do not do any mechanical work. The charge is only $39.95 plus tax for this service if your vehicle is located within a 12 mile radius. We can go farther out for two or more vehicles. For large trucks and heavy equipment the charge is $50.00 hour plus oil and filters. The nice thing is you don't have to leave your home or place of business....


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